Sunday, 16 September 2012

From Hero to Zero

By Vee8.

It’s fair to say I have been around on the net now for quite a long time, in regards to the case of the abduction of Madeleine McCann. Almost from the very first days, in fact. I won’t draw up a list of all the various blogs, forums and chatrooms I have commented on or been a member of, because that isn’t the point of this post. What is, is that I am observing something of a shift of loyalty in the ranks of the McCann critics, those we call the anti’s. In the beginning, the original lead investigator into Madeleine’s abduction, Goncalo Amaral, was their poster boy, their hero, the man who would finally bring the McCanns to justice. His halo shone brighter than the noon day Sun, his demeanour was pure and wholesome, and choirs of angels sung his journey to his office each morning. No one was ever allowed to impeach his integrity, and if any Madeleine supporter dared to mention the multitude of failings of the investigation he ran, well it was tantamount to blasphemy, almost on a par with insulting the prophet Mohamed.

But lately things are changing. His support is discernibly ebbing, dwindling, receding like an ex-solicitor’s hairline. On some open forums he has actually been called ‘A bit-part player!’ Not by any Madeleine supporter, but by McCann critics! There could be several reasons for this small but growing rumbling of discontent. One motive could be that some of the anti’s may, possibly, have woken up to some of the more unpalatable aspects of this man’s unsavoury character. His long proven debts, marital indiscretions, threats to kill his wife and his lover, endangering the life of his own daughter by drink driving. And not forgetting his criminal conviction, in a case he was confidentially expected to win. In all this time his flock have done their best to dismiss or ignore all of these known facts, but it seems to be becoming increasingly difficult for some. The faithful, it seems, are loosing their faith.

Another possible reason for casting their idol aside is the dawning realisation that the libel trial, whenever it takes place, may not be as cut and dried as they may think. His book, ‘The truth is I lied,’ differs considerably in many key aspects from the official files he claims he based it on, as shown here on this very blog. Perhaps that’s why he seems to find innumerable excuses for not being able to attend. In short, he is beginning to give the appearance of shop soiled merchandise, having failed, for over five years now, to deliver the goods. He has talked the (Highly libellous) talk, but he hasn’t walked the walk, and all he has to show for it is yet another court case, for which either side victory will be tempered by the fact that the looser will certainly appeal, and thus the case will probably drag on, interminably, for many years to come. This was never in the anti’s game plan, and so they are loosing patience with Amaral.

Bit-part player. How the mighty are fallen!