Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The McCann-Murdoch media manipulation machinations.

By Vee8

Control the press and you control the people. A popular maxim among those who study the history of propaganda. Which brings us to the next of the anti-Madeleine’s bizarre conspiracy theories, that in order to convince the British public of their innocence the McCanns now have total control of what the media says about them. “The press are not telling us everything,” they trumpet. “The press are biased to the McCanns” they complain.

Funny that, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers such lurid headlines as

“Find the body, or the McCanns will escape!”

“We can prove they did it!”

“Maddie DNA found in hire car!”

Eventually the press situation became so bad that Kate and Gerry had no alternative but to take legal action, via a libel suite against the press. Not a very good job of control if the people they were controlling had to be threatened with a court action to stop them from not behaving, is it? In a full, front page apology on the Express, the then editor had to concede that there was no truth whatsoever in any of these allegations, more recently admitting that he had been misled by elements within the PJ who now seem to him to be not entirely trustworthy. Tell us something we didn’t know!

The real question, one avoided studiously by the anti-Madeleines, is how on earth COULD the McCanns gain such power over what we read about them in the daily papers? The anti-Madeleines say that Rupert Murdoch is under orders to protect them. Really! Orders from whom? The McCanns? Rupert Murdoch is one of the wealthiest people on the planet, head of an enormous media conglomerate, rich beyond the dreams of most ordinary folk, and more powerful than all the Marvel comic book heroes rolled into one. What on earth could the McCanns possibly offer him in order to secure his support? All the money ever donated to the fund would be nothing but small change to Murdoch. Blackmail? What do they have over him? I am certain bigger, more powerful and/or dangerous people have probably tried, and failed.

Ah, but what about the government? They are, after all, protecting the McCanns aren’t they? They could order him to protect Kate and Gerry.

Seriously, let’s all just think about that for a moment. There is good reason to argue that it is Murdoch who is the King maker to the British political establishment. He decides which party his newspapers are going to support, and invariably that is the party who wins the next election. In fact some of my work colleagues’ grumble it is a waste of time even holding an election, and that we would be better off writing to Murdoch with our wishes for who we want to govern us next! No, I’m afraid our politicians fawn over Murdoch, seeking his favour and support, they do NOT issue him with edicts about what he must or must not do to comply with government policies, cover ups or scandals.

But even Murdoch does not own ALL of the British press or the media outlets, what about all the other newspapers, or the BBC? Well this is where Mr Clarence Mitchell steps unwillingly into the anti-Madeleine’s spin machine. Clarence Controls the media. Or that, at least, is what one Tony Bennett, of the so called Madeleine foundation CLAIMS Mitchell said. “It is my job to control what comes out of the media.” Perhaps THIS is where the McCanns gain their influence over the opinions of the general public? Alas for poor Bennett, no. This quote is nothing more than a mis-translation from an interview on an Italian TV programme. What Mitchell ACTUALLY said was I CHECK what comes out in the media, and that word translates, from Italian into English, as control. So Clarence no more controls the media than he controls the tides.

So, what is it exactly that the press isn’t telling you? Well, all the lies, disinformation and conspiracy theories that have already been debunked and discredited, time without number, not just here on our blog but on forums and blogs all over the net. Stuff like the much vaunted Gaspar statements, which, if ever they WERE published nationally, would almost certainly result in legal actions against whichever editor was foolish enough to print them. Stuff like the refusal to answer the 48 questions, or the refusal to return to attend a reconstruction. What is conveniently forgotten is that the press DID report these. In fact, depending on which paper you bought it was 48, 60 or even as many as 101 questions.

Later, when it was shown that Kate did not to answer the 48 questions on the explicit advice of her solicitor, mostly predicated on false assumptions about ‘incriminating forensic evidence’ that didn’t exist, this too was dutifully reported by the media, including the BBC, which is odd if, indeed, the media truly is in the pocket of the McCanns. The request to attend the PJ reconstruction too was reported, and the McCanns explained that they HAD, in fact, AGREED to attend a reconstruction, provided it was televised, ’Crimewatch’ style. The PJ refused their request, without explanation. Naturally the McCanns had better things to do with their time, rather than fly all the way back to Portugal to take part in an i dotting and t crossing paperwork exercise that would do nothing to help find their daughter.

So is the British media biased to the McCanns? Should equal weight be given to the thesis of Amaral? Given that the British, and for that matter the rest of the world’s media all know that Amaral’s thesis has as much validity as the flat earth societies postulations I would say no. Even when the flat earth society does get a mention anywhere in the world’s press, it is in a mocking, contemptuous way. Come to think of it, perhaps Amaral should get more press. He and the flat earthers sit well beside each other.