Sunday, 10 April 2011

For the Love of Madeleine.

By Deuce

This article is related to the conspiracy umbrella which Goncalo Amaral has parked himself under, to justify his own explanation of his fall from grace. It should have come as no surprise to Amaral that he should find himself sheltering from the storm he created alongside fringe elements of an active group of conspiracy theorists. He has certainly reached rock bottom, in my opinion, to need the support of such groups to maintain momentum for the sale of his written word. That written word tainted by the fact he is a convicted perjurer.

Vee8 and Honestbroker have covered aspects of the contribution of conspiracy theorists already. I would like to focus on the Madeleine fund. The fund set up by the McCann family is the only campaign actively and practically searching for Madeleine. Yet these fringe lunatic groups spam media sites proclaiming the fund as a fraud. They know the truth and the facts, yet with great disrespect for missing Madeleine, they rely on recruiting the more gullible of folk into their groups. How could these people be a worry when normal folk can see right through them? I believe the most damaging work that erodes hope for Madeleine is Amarals book. Yet there is the addition of publicity from fringe groups, momentum to that damage from one small group in particular, headed by publicity seeker, Anthony Bennett, who regularly receives monies from members of the public through the use and exploitation of Madeleine’s name as title for his group of fanatical conspiracy theorists and you can now see why the search for a missing child can be damaged, even by 'The moon landings were a lie' types.

The most prolific of statements being spammed on media and social network sites, is that raising monies through charity events for the fund is morally corrupt because the fund is not a charity. That the monies raised do not go to searching for Madeleine, but to fund the family's finances.

Charities, by law, can only be named and managed as such if the monies raised are for the benefit of the public in general. When a child goes missing and the police investigation goes cold, funding becomes crucial to the family still searching. There are charities that raise money to elevate awareness for all missing children, which is fantastic. The McCann’s support such charities themselves. But without taking anything away from the crucial and hard work of selfless volunteers who support these charities, it is without question beneficial for a child to achieve individual attention if possible. With the extraordinary media attention on this case, a fund for Madeleine makes absolute sense. The extraordinary media attention indirectly raises more awareness for all missing children.

Let’s get back to the law regarding fund raising. As the Madeleine fund is for the benefit of one child, logistically, it cannot legally be called a charity. But the law does not frown upon raising money for a missing child. Without the umbrella of protection afforded by the label ‘charity’ the law requires a fund to be practiced as a Limited Company. This gives similar, if not greater, protection to those supplying funding and assures transparency and legality for those running the campaign.

A full and comprehensive definition of the fund can be found on the official campaign website.

The Madeleine fund follows the codes of practice as set out by the Institute of Fundraising.

The Madeleine Fund is a legal and above board fund. That is without question. What is questionable is why there is a minority of people who would suggest otherwise in face of the facts, which are readily and openly available. I don't know why.

I do know why the McCann family set up the Madeleine Fund.

For the Love of Madeleine.

Mothers Day Sunday, 3rd April 2011.  Please contribute to Kate and Gerrys Miles for Missing People run which took place on Mothering Sunday weekend.