Tuesday, 29 March 2011

H.M.Government-Office of Cover-ups.

By Vee8

As I pointed out in the first of this series, debunking conspiracy theories is very difficult. This is because the theorists seldom, if ever, provide anything resembling hard evidence to back up their claims. This is both at once their greatest weakness and their greatest strength. They cannot prove that what they say is right, but without providing any background for believing what they do it is also almost impossible to prove them wrong. For instance, imagine you have misplaced your car keys. You ask your wife where they are, and she says they are in the lounge. You have a quick look before saying that you can’t find them and that therefore your wife must be wrong. She replies that she is certain that she saw them sometime, somewhere in the lounge, so that is where they must be. Now, unless you spend a huge amount of time taking your lounge apart, brick by brick, and searching every square centimetre of the ruins you cannot prove that your wife did not see your keys in the lounge!

Now, as we previously pointed out, when Amaral cast around for some sort of excuse for his failures in the Madeleine investigation he latched onto the idea of British government interference. In his book Amaral even states that Prime Minister Gordon Brown was informed that Amaral was being removed from the case before he himself knew of this decision. But HOW did he know? Who told him? Did he speak to Mr Brown himself? Without any evidence all we have is the word of a convicted criminal, found guilty of lying under oath in a court of law, and we would be foolish indeed to take his word for it. But it is this very claim that is the cornerstone of the anti-Madeleine’s belief in a government order to protect the McCanns, indeed it is the very fountain from which springs ALL their conspiracy theories. I propose all of these strange notions can be traced back to the various utterances of Amaral’s excuses for his failures.

In order to counter these convoluted and bizarre thought processes we have to rely principally on logic and good, old fashioned common sense. We need only to ask simple questions, such as WHY would the government pass any kind of uber-secret orders to protect the McCanns at all costs? IF Kate and Gerry really were the devious, cunning and manipulative child killers we are told by the anti-Madeleines, what possible reason could not one but TWO successive governments have to protect them? If such a story ever managed to break, if an investigative journalist ever managed to dig out the truth, or if an honest junior minister decided to break ranks and talk, the resulting political explosion would be cataclysmic. MP’s are not above the law, as several who fiddled their expenses accounts have found out to their costs. Some are even now doing time. What sort of jail sentence would a Prime Minister who covered up the death and possible sexual abuse of a child expect? The truth has a habit of finding ways to be known, and if there were any government involvement eventually we would all know, and those ministers who colluded in it would be caught and severely punished.

What little evidence the anti-Madeleines do have, such as it is, can be easily dismissed with some simple research. They point to unusually high Ambassadorial assistance offered to the McCanns from the moment Madeleine was abducted. Now, any SENSIBLE person would know that anytime a British citizen becomes a victim of a crime abroad they will receive consular support from our embassy staff. The more serious the crime the greater the level and depth of support. But to the anti-Madeleines however, this support is somehow suspicious, an over reaction. So, to be sure, I took the trouble to write to my MP, asking what sort of level of support could a British tourist abroad, as a victim of a serious crime, expect to receive from the British embassy. By reply I received, from the Foreign office, a very useful and comprehensive booklet, also available online in a downloadable PDF format. It is packed full of information, but I have posted the pertinent sections here.



We offer help which is appropriate to the individual
circumstances of each case, including:
• issuing replacement passports;
• providing information about transferring funds;
• providing appropriate help if you have suffered rape
or serious assault, are a victim of other crime,
or are in hospital;
• helping people with mental illness;
• providing details of local lawyers, interpreters,
doctors and funeral directors;
• doing all we properly can to contact you within 24
hours of being told that you have been detained;
offering support and help in a range of other cases,
such as child abductions, death of relatives overseas,
missing people and kidnapping

• contacting family or friends for you if you want; and
• making special arrangements in cases of terrorism,
civil disturbances or natural disasters.


• get you out of prison, prevent the local authorities
from deporting you after your prison sentence,
or interfere in criminal or civil court proceedings;
• help you enter a country, for example, if you do
not have a visa or your passport is not valid, as we
cannot interfere in another country’s immigration
policy or procedures;
• give you legal advice, investigate crimes or carry out
searches for missing people, although we can give
you details of people who may be able to help you
in these cases, such as English-speaking lawyers

• We cannot collect evidence or investigate crimes
ourselves, and in many countries investigating
authorities and the courts will refuse to answer
enquiries from other people and organisations,
including consuls. So, you should consider
appointing a local lawyer who can look after your
interests in court, and follow any trial for you.
We can give you a list of local English-speaking
lawyers and interpreters. We would not ordinarily
go to a court case involving a British national
and cannot influence the outcome of any trial

• Back in the UK, you may feel you would benefit from
extra support to help you cope with the effects of
the crime. Organisations such as Victim Support can
help (www.victimsupport.org).


If there is an on-going investigation
overseas, the Police Adviser to Consular
Directorate will also decide whether
to ask a local UK police force to use a
Family Liaison Officer (FLO) to advise
and help the family in dealing with the
investigation. The relevant UK police force
will make the final decision as to whether
an FLO is appointed

And most importantly,

• If you are worried about your child being abducted
overseas by the other parent or a relative, you
should contact our Child Abduction Section
on 020 7008 0878 (or our switchboard
on 020 7008 1500 outside office hours).
• If your child has been abducted, we can tell you
whether the country which your child has been
taken to has joined the Hague Convention on
International Child Abduction. If it has, we can
put you in touch with the relevant authorities
in the UK which can ask the court in the country
concerned to make an order for the child to be
returned to the UK.
• If the country to which your child has been
taken has not joined the Hague Convention on
International Child Abduction, we can give you
a list of overseas lawyers who speak English.
Some may be specialists in family law. However,
we cannot pay any legal fees ourselves.
• We can give you basic practical information about
the customs and legal procedures of the country
to which your child has been taken. We can also
provide travel information and, if necessary, offer
guidance on finding accommodation locally. We can
help you contact the relevant local authorities and
organisations when you are overseas

As you can see, this booklet shows quite clearly that the McCanns received no more support than anyone else in a similar terrible situation. Of particular note is the following paragraph,

We can give you a list of local English-speaking
lawyers and interpreters. We would not ordinarily
go to a court case involving a British national
and cannot influence the outcome of any trial

I mention this because it is suggested that the McCanns ‘Rush’ to appoint lawyers to act on their behalf is another part of the reason to suggest they are not being truthful. (It is also said, totally erroneously and again with no shred of proof, that the lawyers the McCanns appointed were extradition lawyers.) In reality, ANYONE who becomes victim of a crime would need a lawyer to act on their best interests, on the assumption that in good time the crime would be solved, the perpetrator apprehended, and a court case would ensue. The tragedy is that the McCanns had the double misfortune, on top of having their daughter abducted, of putting their trust in finding Madeleine into the hands of a man who was himself corrupt, and would later himself end up in court.

What about all those private phone calls to the McCanns from the Prime minister? The insinuation is that this is some sort of assurance that the government will do everything in their power to cover up the parental involvement in the tragic death of a small child. Again, using logic, we ask, why? Why would Gordon Brown take the trouble to call the McCanns and assure them that they would receive the highest level of protection? Sounds crazy when you put it like that, doesn’t it? No, what actually happened was nothing more than a call to pass on his sympathy, and assure them that everything possible would be done to help them recover Madeleine. In other words, the same sort of call that would be made to any other victim of the most serious of crimes abroad.

But wait, isn’t the PM a Freemason, along with half of the government? And Gerry McCann is a doctor, and it is well known that all doctors are Freemasons, right? And we all know a mason will bend over backwards to protect a fellow mason, even a child abusing killer don’t we?

Please stay tuned for our next instalment.