Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Wiki Man

Amaral and his organised supporters awaited the recent Wikileaks with gleeful anticipation in that new evidence would be revealed to confirm Goncalo being exonerated for alleged incompetence and perhaps provide support for his conspiracy theory that the case was snuffed out by institutional interference and not for the simple fact that there is no proof to indicate a suspect or crime.

The leaked communication from Britain's ambassador to Portugal, Alexander Wykeham Ellis, reportedly made claim to his American counterpart on September 21, 2007 - two weeks after Portuguese police named Gerry and Kate McCann as "arguidos", or formal suspects, in the case.

That claim is, British police helped to "develop evidence" against Madeleine McCann's parents as they were investigated by Portuguese police as formal suspects in the disappearance of their daughter, the US ambassador to Portugal was told by his British counterpart in September 2007.

Ok, lets examine this. Two weeks after the couple were made arguidos, Amaral’s team had gathered evidence with the co-operation of the UK police. We all know that Amaral claimed they helped in his book. The pivotal point of the use of that evidence is when the forensic results came through confirming the information is not positive material proof.

A spokesman for the McCanns responded:

"This is an entirely historic note that is more than three years old. Subsequently, Kate and Gerry had their arguido status lifted, with the Portuguese authorities making it perfectly clear that there was absolutely no evidence to implicate them in Madeleine's disappearance whatsoever.

"To this day, they continue to work tirelessly on the search for their daughter, co-operating when appropriate with both the Portuguese and British authorities."

The above comment being a true interpretation of the leaks, as anyone with common sense will understand.

Yet, the leaks are being used as a stepping stone of publicity for the conspiracy theorist. Amaral was quick to take an interview regarding the Wikileaks. A few interesting points become illuminated.

Amaral is quick to point out that the leaks tell us nothing new regarding what is already in the public domain, the process reflected in the case files. But he wasted no time to twist the information to suggest there is possibly hidden evidence and that possibly being withheld from his team by the British police.

From Pedro Mourinho (P.M.) - SIC Notícias Anchor (Portuguese 24/7 News Channel)
Gonçalo Amaral (G.A.) - the former Judiciary Police inspector, coordinator of the Madeleine McCann investigation until October, 2007

P.M. - Is there any novelty for you in the documents now released by Wikileaks?

G.A. - No, in reality the only news is the document disclosure itself, since as for the evidence, the indicia, they are on the process. The cooperation and collaboration with the English police is public knowledge, and is on the process. The results are there, therefore there isn't anything new.

Then he inferred that there might be some hidden evidence and the British police should confirm it.

P.M. - So, for you it isn't news that it was the British police that found the evidence that have, would have incriminated Madeleine's parents?

G.A. - No, I didn't say that. It's not news as regarding to the evidence, now as to the proofs held by the British police I don't know what are they referencing to. There was a cooperation and collaboration, the evidence and indicia are in the process thus...I don't know, someone should say what the evidence are, perhaps someone from the British police should say it. All the same, it was a cooperation between the British and Portuguese police that has arrived to the proofs that are in the process.

Not only does Goncalo infer that there might be evidence which the British police had gathered, independently of the PJ. Which in itself is a subtle accusation that the UK police were on a separate mission, part of the alleged conspiracy perhaps? But Goncalo also states that it was cooperation between the UK and PJ police that had arrived at the proofs in the investigation. I understand his use of the word ‘proofs' as being evidence. This is interesting as Amaral writes in his book that the English police backed off at the time when the FSS results came through. It is clear to anyone with any sense that they backed off with the forensic confirmation that the ‘proofs’ were not positive and therefore the evidence was no longer valid.

Goncalo forgets, or ignores, the investigation changed at that point forensics confirmed no positive back up. There is no material proof of death. The Wikileak is a snapshot of what was occurring before that pivotal point in the case. Goncalo prefers to think that his truth is being covered up by conspiracy rather than his truth was proved redundant.

So where are we now with Goncalo? Following his publicity about the CCTV camera, near a disused villa in the Estrela da Luz resort hotel, having being wiped, with the suggestion evidence of the man seen carrying Madeleine by Martin Smiths family was wiped with it. Amaral now suggests the Wikileaks are yet to reveal satellite pictures of that very man as well. There is no evidence that those pictures exist. But Amaral will ensure that they now exist in the minds of his gullible supporters, just like the missing CCTV pictures and the positive evidence of death have been installed in the mindset of those who would prefer Madeleine be dead, through their prejudice, than to keep hope alive for her.

What is more profound is that Amaral states in his book that the English police backed off from the investigation after the point where his 'proof' was undermined and ignores that statement he made in his interview about the Wikileaks, to proclaim that the British police cooperated to arrive at his proof!!.

Misinformation?, a lie? Spin? waxing his conspiracy theory?, Definitely not the truth!