Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Frozen Cadaver Remains?

In an interview to Correia da Manha in July 2008, Amaral said this in reply to a question about how he believed Madeleine’s remains were preserved in the period between Madeleine’s disappearance and the McCanns hiring a car some 3 weeks later:

"The cadaver was frozen"

Correio da Manhã - What do you think happened to the body?

Gonçalo Amaral – Everything indicated that the body, after having been at a certain location, was moved into another location by car, twenty something days later. With the residues that were found inside the car, the little girl had to have been transported inside it.

How can you state that?

Due to the type of fluid, we policemen, experts, say that the cadaver was frozen or preserved in the cold and when placed into the car boot, with the heat at that time [of the year], part of the ice melted. On a curb, for example, something fell from the trunk's right side, above the wheel. It may be said that this is speculation, but it's the only way to explain what happened there.

There are a couple of reasons to raise an eyebrow, here. The first is that this harks back to the ill-starred Cipriano case where, again, a little girl was reported missing, on that occasion, by her mother and uncle, and the case ended in the conviction of the woman Leonor and her brother Joao for the murder of the little girl, whose body was never found. In that case, it was found as ‘proved’ that the body of the little girl, Joana, had been stored in a freezer. Extraordinarily, even though Portugal has a perfectly good forensic laboratory, neither the refrigerator nor other items that might have yielded useful forensic results were ever forensically examined in that case.

In the case of Madeleine’s disappearance, forensic laboratories of both Britain and Portugal were used, Britain’s much more extensively, and if forensic evidence of a frozen cadaver were present, one might have expected John Lowe, at the British Forensic Service, who wrote the full and final FSS report of forensic analysis of materials delivered to their forensic laboratories, to have noticed. But scrutinise his report as I have, I can find no reference.

Amaral is right about one thing though. For his extraordinary theory of how the McCanns are supposed to have performed this stunt of disposing of Madeleine’s remains to be true, some sort of preservation of a body in refrigerator must have been involved. But which fridge? At least he had the answer to that question sorted in the Cipriano case. He tells us he was still working on it at the point in the Madeleine investigation when he was peremptorily removed. The sense of deja vu, here, is troubling ...

By Honestbroker.