Sunday, 14 November 2010

Agenda and Strategy

What is very wrong here about Amaral writing his book and Bennett placing himself in the storm it creates, is that any democratic legal system would not allow its police force the capability to promote propaganda to force it's opinion of a given case upon the public after the prosecutor has given a legal conclusion and that case is not closed, just shelved. If that were to happen, what sort of justice system would that be? A failed institution, which in no way reflects democratic institutional justice. A broken legal system. For Amaral to make his voice heard, he had to resign from the force. He confirms in the introduction to his book that the force regulations would prevent him from speaking out. That would be resign to avoid breaking the judicial secrecy laws?. But does being outside the force make him any less guilty of breaking the institutional regulations? This is a point worthy of further investigation.

So, Amaral removed himself from the democratic system to allow himself to use propaganda in an attempt to force justice upon the McCanns. Justice by public trial, where his opinion is the prosecution and his book compounded by his network of support, the evidence.

That is not the conduct of a respectful law enforcement officer. To think himself above the institutional process of justice and to assume the right to bypass it. That is the most profound evidence of someone who is used to police power in the sense of the old school fascist system.

Amaral is empowered by his network of support, which from the start installed itself on websites questioning the McCanns, installed themselves on a blog supposedly as the voice of Portuguese journalism, installed themselves on every public viewable media site on the internet.

For this organised group of propaganda, the internet is the most powerful tool.

Why all such organisation to slate the McCanns? Amaral reveals the answer in his book. He has a profound lack of respect for the institution, the democratic institution. Perhaps the McCanns are expendable fodder that elevates his publicity. Perhaps this is fascist mischief throwing a spanner in the works of Portuguese democracy. No wonder a mischief maker in this country with National Front links has got on board. Right wing groups DO have a network across Europe, there to undermine democracy with the power of the internet.

I could be wrong of course, but the tools of right wing propaganda are definitely being used in this case. Misinformation, government involvement, CEOP involvement, inviting conspiracy loons to swell numbers in support, inviting those obsessed with neglect to swell numbers with the constant pressure on media to expose that misinformation as a balance.

The agenda is not confirmable.

The strategy IS.