Saturday, 23 October 2010

Madeleine. A Reprise.

Let us not forget that this case is about a missing child, Madeleine McCann. What we know is that the Portuguese investigation could not find evidence to establish a crime. Therefore all previous suspects are clear, innocent of involvement in criminal activity that has lead to the disappearance of the child.

In the absence of an ongoing investigation by the police, there is only one avenue left to invite justice and truth for Madeleine McCann. It does not involve a book written by an ex policeman with a chip on his shoulder insinuating that he knows more than the shelved investigation had found. Goncalo bears a grudge against the institution and all involved, including the McCann's and the media. This is not seeking justice for Madeleine, it is indeed seeking justice for his perceived victimisation.

The only avenue currently available is common to missing loved one's cases. Very evident and common is the finite funding law enforcement agencies are willing to spend before tucking cases under the carpet. This to an unattached observer can be logical, but to the parents it is closure on a mystery that will never be closed until the missing person is found. Emotionally and gut-wrenchingly irreconcilable.

The search continuity is left to the parents once law enforcement reaches a stop. The McCanns have been a shining example of keeping the search up for their daughter. Raising awareness, inviting information, employing their own detectives all require financial support as well as the volunteer support to help with the logistical nightmare that such a search presents. It would not be possible for the family alone to practically manage such a campaign on their own. It is an absolutely shining example how the McCanns campaign for their beloved daughter, Madeleine and for the greater good they have highlighted all cases of the missing, encouraged even more volunteers to help and publicised the plight of searching for the missing without police support. This is the life of a family with one member missing.

How cruel it is then, that the campaign to search for Madeleine is paralysed by one ex policeman's grudges. Yes, paralysed. The McCanns find themselves accused of being involved in the death of their missing child and hiding her body, not by the police, just by insinuations and misinformation in a  book authored by a paranoid ex policeman. The book being sold internationally strives to convince the public that the McCanns are criminals and that Madeleine is dead. Kate and Gerry have nothing to prove as there is no case against them. Yet they must spend precious time, money and extreme stress dealing with the vigilante accusations in court to prevent Amaral from corroding the search for Madeleine and their own good name through his book.

If there is any justice, Goncalo Amaral will be stopped, lawfully, from interfering with the case he was removed from and allow every avenue of inviting information which could lead to finding Madeleine to continue as the priority focus. Seeking information is the path to Madeleine. Not Gonacalo's unfounded thesis.