Friday, 22 October 2010

The Lie of the Truth?

An article studying Amaral's primary reasons for writing the book.

Goncalo Amaral states that he wrote his book to restore his good name. Damage to his name from what he describes as an institutional lie. Quite what he means by this, I don’t fully understand. Perhaps he is suggesting an institutional conspiracy?

He then goes on to state that he applied for official permission to speak out and received no reply. Amaral admits to rigorously conforming to the regulations that he remains silent, this indicates that he was well aware of regulations gaurding against what he wanted to to do. These regulations not just specific to him, but official regulations obviously in force to protect those involved in a case and the integrity of an investigation. This need to speak his mind against the rules and regulations reveals a lack of respect for the integrity of the investigation and his own police force. Not surprisingly Goncalo Amaral was subsequently removed from the investigation and decided that he needed to defend himself because of that. Quite what he was defending himself from is unclear. Perhaps this indicates the paranoia of a conspiracy against him?

Amaral then resigned from the police force altogether, in his own words, a necessity to have the opportunity to speak out about matters which seriously concern him. We shall examine his concerns as we progress with this blog. There is no doubt in my mind that the behaviour of Amaral’s supporters, on line, believe that this case is part of a conspiracy to the extent that Goncalo and his supporters are more concerned with that conspiracy theory than what happened to Madeleine. The child and her family nothing but jigsaw pieces in an imagined institutional agenda. Madeleine, the family, the official case files, the prosecutor’s conclusion, the police investigation all disregarded with an amazing lack of respect or integrity to publicise, through his book, while manipulating propaganda via a network of supporters to present Goncalo Amaral’s opinions as facts beyond the actual facts.

Goncalo’s lie of the truth!!