Friday, 22 October 2010

The Greater Purpose?


An article studying Amaral's 'Greater Purpose' of the book.

Goncalo states that his book does not question the work of his colleagues or other police officers, nor does it compromise the current enquiry. Yet he attempted to go against the regulations that required him to remain silent and retired from the PJ, to publicise his opinions on the case!! He was removed from the case which he associates with an institutional lie. Is he suggesting that the regulations were not from his beloved police force or that the PJ are not part of the institution?

Goncalo Amaral's greater purpose is to release information to the public for the greater good of, justice for Madeleine. Does releasing information include the many leaks preceding the book from a source within the investigation that were sent to the Portuguese press while the investigation was progressing? What information would he be talking about I wonder. The case files are in the public domain and have been studied by the Portuguese prosecutor concluding that no crime or criminal could be determined from the current investigation before it was shelved. What possible information could Amaral have that he could release beyond the information gathered by the PJ? This smacks off suggesting his beloved Police force had been withholding information. Yet he suggests he is not questioning the work of his colleagues or compromising the case.......Which is it Goncalo?

One has to wonder at an author who contradicts himself so seriously within the introduction of his book.

Finally, on the book introduction. A quote from Amaral.

A criminal inquiry is precisely dedicated and committed to the search for the absolute truth, the pursuit of material fact; it is not the place to be politically correct.

Any respectable person would agree with that sentiment. Why then, did Goncalo write a book which totally contradicts that righteous sentiment? Goncalo is no longer a policeman or involved in this case and his book indicates that he believes it is quite right to bypass the legally recognised law enforcement agencies and ignore the official investigative findings to sell his own opinion as more important than that of the police, the Portuguese prosecutor and the correct escalation route of justice. Why Goncalo Amaral could be considered a vigilante, no less!! He now answers to nobody, pays himself by selling his personal investigation and employed himself as head of justice for Madeleine McCann, policeman, press agent, judge and juror all in one and in one word, vigilante.

The greater purpose...... Vigilantism?